1. Where are you located?

1833 Harvard Ave. Seattle, WA. 98122

2. What are your hours?

Everyday, 10AM to 9PM

3. How can I get in touch?

Call us: 206-324-2421

Email: twicesoldtales1@yahoo.com

Use the form on our contact page.

4. What kind of books do you sell?

All our inventory is used, sourced from various places (including customers such as yourself). We carry an ever-changing selection of plays, poetry, literature, sci-fi, horror, gardening, children's books, rare and collector's editions, etc.

5. Can I buy from you online?

You can shop from us online at Amazon or ABE Books, what we sell online is higher-end and collectible. (it differs from our in-store inventory)

6. Are you buying books?

We are happy to look at books anytime for store credit! If you'd like to sell for cash, please be sure to call ahead and make an appointment. We are currently fully booked about a month and a half out.

7. What are you buying?

Take a look at our updated list here.

8. Do you order books?

No, we do not do special orders.

9. Do you have any sales or specials?

Everyday! From 6-9PM our entire inventory is 25% off. This includes special and collectible editions in our cases.


Twice Sold Tales

1833 Harvard Ave. Seattle, WA 98122