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About Us

We have 4 live-in bookstore cats and a sprawling inventory of used, collectible and rare titles. We’re located in heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, a block from the Capitol Hill Link Light Rail station.


Our inventory is constantly changing, so please stop in to see what you’ll find. All of our inventory is used, sourced from various places (including customers such as yourself). We carry a large, ever-changing selection of plays, poetry, literature, sci-fi, horror, gardening, children's books, rare/collector's editions, etc.


While visiting us you'll likely come across one (or two, or four) of our live-in bookstore cats: Lily, Buster, Screamer and James.


You can also shop rare and collectible titles from us online at Amazon or ABE Books. What we sell online differs somewhat from our in-store selection.

We're open 7 days a week, from 11AM to 8PM.

Call us: 206-324-2421

Email us:

In The News

AbeBooks Visits Twice Sold Tales in Seattle

Twice Sold Tales is a classic used bookstore serving the community of Capitol Hill. The sign alone indicated there would be bookstore cats and we soon met Schmoo (so named because he smoozes the customers) and Eleanor, who was settled in a cardboard box atop a pile of books.


The owner Jamie Lutton has been a bookseller since 1987 and began her bookish business life selling from a cart. Twice Sold Tales eventually found its way to this former doctor's surgery in 2008 and today it is packed with thousands of used books, most general used copies but a few rare books too.

About Us: Video
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