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Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open/where are you located?

We are open 7 days a week from 11AM to 8PM. We are located in Capitol Hill 1 block from the light rail station. Our address is 1833 Harvard Ave. Seattle, WA. 98122. You can give us a call at 206-324-2421, or email us at

Do you put items on hold for customers?

Yes! We generally hold items for a maximum of 7 days. If they are not picked up by then, they will go back on the shelf for sale.

Do you special order books?

No, at this time we do not accept special orders.

How many cats do you have?

We currently have six: Eleanor, Buster, Lily, Screamer, Jinx and James

Will you buy my books?

The short answer is...maybe! We are always happy to give store credit for books. If you would like cash, we ask that you call ahead (206-324-2421) and make an appointment, as we fill up quickly.

We do not buy on Saturday or Sunday.

What kind of books are you more likely to buy?

In general, we tend to buy more of these subjects: occult, geology, mushroom hunting, local foraging, classics, poetry, paperback sci-fi and literature. And these authors: Ursula K. LeGuin, Vonnegut, Murakami, David Foster Wallace, Stephen King, James Baldwin and Neil Gaiman. Follow these links for a complete list of specific authors and subjects we buy:

Author List  /  Subject List

Is there anything you don't buy?

We don't buy magazines, floppy comics, CD's or DVD's. We also generally don't buy older, over sized hardcovers, outdated travel guides or sci-fi/thriller/mystery novels in hardback when there is a paperback available.

Can you look up "-------" for me?

We don't keep an inventory of our stock (except for our rare and collectible titles listed online) but we have a pretty good sense of what is in the shop on a daily basis. Really, just ask!

I have a cat photo - can I post it/share it with you?

Yes! We love both cat and book photos. You can either tag us @twicesoldtales on Instagram, or shoot us a Facebook message and we'll add it to our page.

Can I shop TST online?

You can shop a selection of our rare and collectible titles online at our ABE Books storefront.

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